Examining the True Character of Doubt

What is doubt?
Is it good?
I don’t know; I have doubts!

A Case Against Doubt

Doubt is uncertain, confusing, preplexing
It’s a nonbeliever and condemns belief, conviction
Doubt despises zeal, imagination, openness
It shuns ideas, kills creativity, innovation
Doubt intimidates, threatens, silences
It decays, erodes, consumes
Doubt is suspicious, dismissive, contemptuous
It ridicules, mocks, taunts
Doubt is cold, indifferent, heartless
It makes you feel like a fool, moron, shit

Oh, how I hate doubt!

But wait a second… I’m not sure…
May be, doubt is bearable, acceptable?

Doubt Fights Back

Doubt questions, probes, examines
It’s calm, deliberating, not hasty
Doubt is rational, not emotional, sentimental
It’s deep, reflective, insightful
Doubt critiques, improves, perfects
It challenges, tests, screens
Doubt sees through, reveals, exposes
It’s a keen observer, ceaseless learner, seeker
Doubt inspires learning, research, science

You see, doubt is good, necessary, imperative.
I respect, love and cherish doubt.

Doubt is the foundation stone of human civilization.
Life without doubt is unimaginable.