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Welcome to Unwind Yourself – an opportunity to rid yourself of things that unnecessarily dampen your spirit and take a toll on your body, mind and soul.

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  • Losing Hope When its Direly Needed
    Some people have an extremely optimistic outlook on life, and they maintain their positive frame even under extreme conditions. Most of us however, are susceptible to unfavourable circumstances which affect the way we think and respond to situations. Our attitude … Read more
  • Choices While Facing a Challenging Obstacle
    Have you ever had a strong desire for something, worked hard to get it, but then hit the wall and felt, “it’s not gonna happen”. Well, who hasn’t? But the response to it varies and so does the outcome. Facing … Read more
  • Examining the True Character of Doubt
    What is doubt?Is it good?Evil?I don’t know; I have doubts! A Case Against Doubt Doubt is uncertain, confusing, preplexingIt’s a nonbeliever and condemns belief, convictionDoubt despises zeal, imagination, opennessIt shuns ideas, kills creativity, innovationDoubt intimidates, threatens, silencesIt decays, erodes, consumesDoubt … Read more
  • Stay Within Limits: Don’t Overstretch
    Our Natural Ability to Perform Under Stressful Conditions Our mind and body are very flexible and resilient systems, and are capable of performing wonders under extreme conditions. They can withstand enormous pressure, especially when faced with risks that threaten our … Read more
  • A Wounded Heart is Harder to Heal
    Don’t play with feelings; it’s a risky terrain! FacebookTweetPinLinkedIn